Steel foundry OMZ


Shakeout grid with unbalanced exciters

In summer 2014, the new shakeout grid for OMZ foundry was delivered to Kolpino, St. Petersburg. The transport was carried out by two heavy-duty trucks from Germany to Russia. The grids consists of two equally large parts. This was the first grid in which Küttner Vibrating Equipment used unbalance exciters. For each grid, 3 unbalance exciters were connected in series.
Technische Daten Ausschlagrost
Design: 2 Segmente
Length: 9.000 mm
Width: 6.000 mm
Load: 120.000 kg
Anomaly drive via cardan shafts with three-phase motors
Drive power:   2x90 kW


Shake-out grids shake-out of castings from cold resin-bounded sand molds
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