Steel foundry OMZ


Return sand vibrating conveyors with vibration dampers

In summer 2014, the new return sand vibrating conveyors with vibration dampers were delivered to OMZ foundry in Kolpino, St. Petersburg. For this project, Küttner provided the complete sand reclamation system. On account of the spatial conditions, the shakeout grid is located in a hall other than the sand reclamation plant. For this reason, the separated sand below the grid is conveyed with mass-compensated Küttner vibrating conveyors to the sand reclamation plant. The vibrating conveyors are equipped with vibration dampers to keep the foundation load as low as possible. All troughs are provided with a dustproof covering.
Technical data:
  Design:    dust cover
  Length:    67,500 mm
  Width:    940 mm
  Flow rate:    50 t / h
  Drive:    Slider crank drive with vibration dampers
  Drive power:    3x 7.5 kW



Resonance conveyor with crank slider drive and vibration dampers
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